Sunday 22 September 2019

Rubbish dumped at remote north Louth beach

Illegal dumping at Rockmarshall.
Illegal dumping at Rockmarshall.

Local residents are angered at the recent dumping of a large quantity of rubbish at Rockmarshall beach.

Items of household and garden furniture were included in the refuge which had been left at this remote beach.

The dumping was discovered by a member of the Peninsula Marine Litter Project, which has been undertaking beach clean-ups at a number of locations along the north Louth coast.

'A lot of people are working hard to keep are area looking well but a small minority insist on dumping,' said local councillor Antoin Watters. 'Anyone who noticed anything suspicious please contact the Gardai or Louth County Council. This disgusting behaviour must stop.'

The Peninsula Marine Litter Project are meeting tonight (Tuesday) in St Mary's Hall, Cooley to discuss locations to be cleaned in the coming weeks.

It has already been decided to carry out a clean-up of the Whitestown to Greenore coast on September 21.

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