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Residents object to phone mast


A group of worried residents have lodged submissions with Louth County Council objecting to an application for the erection of a telecommunications mast by Shared Access Limited, in the grounds of Dundalk Young Irelands at Hoey's Lane, Dundalk.

Local teacher Brendan Gill, who is one of the organisers of the campaign said: 'We are objecting on the grounds that there is clear and conclusive scientific and medical evidence that the EMFRs [Electro-Magnetic-Frequency-Radiation] causes numerous forms of cancer, especially in children; triples the risk of miscarriages; damages male reproductive health to name but a few of the proven health concerns. Children are especially susceptible to these illnesses due to their physiology.'

He points out that the proposed mast is in close proximity to a number residential estates, O'Fiaich College and DkIT, St Joseph's NS and that the Young Ireland's club has many underage players who use their grounds.

People have until the to lodge planning objections with Louth County Council to this proposed mast.