Monday 22 July 2019

Reported burglaries show drop in Louth

The Louth garda division reported the highest number of break-ins in the region during the first quarter of 2019, figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) have revealed.

In the Northern Region there were 347 reported burglaries during January to March, made up of 124 in the 'Wee County', 111 Cavan/Monaghan, 60 Donegal and 52 Sligo/Leitrim.

However, the Louth number represents a significant drop on the corresponding period last year when there were 190 break-ins here, out of a total amount of 411.

The Northern Region accounted for 8.2% of burglary-related offences in Ireland during the first quarter of this year, comopared to 9.2% in 2018.

Mayo had the lowest amount of burglaries nationwide, 38 in Q1. Overall, break-ins fell by 4.6% to 4,226 incidents.

While burglaries traditionally decrease with the brighter, longer days of summer, that is not to say that break-ins don't happen during the summer months.

Many break-ins take place during this time when homeowners are away on holiday. In addition, the common practice of sharing holiday pictures and statuses on social media can act as a roadmap and open invitation to burglars. It's vital that there is vigilance applied to protecting one's home at all times.

Summer time also sees people leave windows and doors during the much-promised heatwave.

Irish homeowners may be more likely to leave windows and doors open in the warmer summer months and burglars to try to see if a door is unlocked for easy access.

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