Sunday 19 November 2017

Rent arrears at €5m

The total rent arrears owed to Louth County Council is now more than €5 million, according to the latest housing progress report from the local authority.

The figure, which stands at €5,039,680, is a record high in the amount of arrears owned by tenants.

The report illustrates outlines how the largest sums of arrears are older than 12 weeks, with 1,501 tenants owing rent for three months or more.

The issue has been a source of contention among councillors, with continuous calls for the local authority to act on the matter.

The housing report revealed that the arrears figure came to light after a new rents scheme came into effect in February of this year.

'Prior to the introduction, under the standard tenancy agreement, tenants are obliged to notify us of any occupancy change and/or change in financial circumstances.'

'The council will continue to encourage tenants to comply with this requirement.'

It has emerged that the reason behind the huge rent arrears owed was the rent review carried out in early 2017, and the subsequent updating of tenants records, including the change in incomes etc.

The local authority has said there is a considerable workload involved in tackling the arrears, but they will continue to work with tenants in the clearing of monies owed.

The number of tenants who are paying their rent by household budget is now 1,018.

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