Monday 25 March 2019

Rash of illegal tyre dumping despite cross border project

Tyres dumped at the side of a road in Annavacky.
Tyres dumped at the side of a road in Annavacky.

'There is a campaign of illegal tyre dumping being waged by criminals against local rural communities,' Cllr Tomás Sharkey stated after a recent incident at Annavacky off the N53.

Branding it 'a blatant insult to the locals of this area,' he appealed to the public to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activities in the local area.

There were also reports of tyres being dumped at Omeath and on the road leading to Flagstaff.

These incidents came just days after a Cross Border Anti-Dumping Project was approved. The project will also see increased collaboration between all relevant bodies and organisations within the two jurisdictions, to ensure the best outcome for the environment and local communities.

Cllr Antoin Watters, who had worked with Cllr Mickey Larkin of Newry, Mourne & Down District said: 'This is a massive step at reducing illegal dumping in our areas and we are delighted to see a concrete action plan being put in place.'

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