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Pups never too young to start

ACCORDING to conventional wisdom it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Not so according to Lydia Finnegan who is a specialist in canine behaviour.

In this country in her chosen field she's a rare breed holding a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and a Higher Diploma in Zoology and Behavioural Science.

In other words Lydia knows what she's talking about when it comes to all matters in relation to man's best friend and their ways.

In the course of our conversation I picked up so much valuable information including the key point that it's never too soon to begin instilling good habits in your puppy.

House training is often make or break time for many new dog owners as their newfound responsibilities become irresponsible all over the place.

Forget conventional advice which suggests dipping their noses in the mess rather take them outside regularly to do their business especially after they're fed which should be at the same times each day.

Get them out walking and socialising with other dogs as soon as they've had their inoculations but here's one no matter how large your pooch – there's no need to use a choke chain to restrain them as its bad for them physically and unnecessary.

And a health warning for all, no matter how well you look after your mutt never ever let them lick your face as that tongue's been in places that you wouldn't wish or want to know.

Lydia's a mine of information who can provide you with whatever training or behavioural modifications your pet needs regardless of age or breed.

The result is a happier home with a more obedient and well adjusted pet – sounds great to me! If you're interested in finding out more you can email Lydia to petproblems@hotmail.com