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Public urged to join Louth coast wind farm webinar


Cllr John Sheridan at Dundalk Bay

Cllr John Sheridan at Dundalk Bay

Cllr John Sheridan at Dundalk Bay


Residents in coastal and mid Louth are being encouraged to sign up to a webinar focused on plans for a new wind farm in Dundalk bay.

Mid Louth Councillor John Sheridan called on local people to join the online forum taking place next week, February 10th.

'This is a huge project. The people of coastal Louth need to be aware of the project and have their say. It's planned that 25 wind turbines are to be built about 12km off Dunany Point and 6km off Cooley point.'

'There is also due to be an underground electricity cable running from the windfarm from Dunany point, through Togher, Drumcar, Stabannon where it will link in with the overhead North-South power cables at a new substation along the N33 road between Ardee and Stabannon.'

He added: 'While public representatives have received reassurances that the wind turbines won't be able to be heard on land and that the underground cable is safe, we do need residents to hear briefings and voice any concerns now so they can be addressed before the formal planning process through An Bord Pleanála. We understand the substation on the N33 will be designed to blend into the local landscape. There will also be drawings of what the visual impact will be from the coastline.'

He added: 'That said, at present the County Development Plan is under review and I'd have to say I favour residents in coastal communities being able to build in their home areas and have the wind turbines at sea than to have no homes built in local areas and the wind turbines on land.'

There may obviously be concerns about this development. Ultimately, we do need to have renewable energy to remove our dependence on fossil fuels. electricity to 300,000 homes: That's Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Cavan and Down. If there are local concerns, now is the time to discuss them with a view to amending the plans or clarifying the concerns. We are told the radio waves from a cable underground are a fraction of what is emitted from your phone. I'm not an expert on this, but this is what we have been told.'

'I encourage people to find out more about this and have their say on www.orielwindfarm.ie'