Monday 17 June 2019

Proceeds of crime cases rise

Olivia Ryan

Louth had one of the highest number of 'targets' investigated by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) in the country, according to the end of year report.

Outside of the capital, Limerick city and county tops the list with 72 targets, followed by 40 each in Meath and Wexford, while Kildare has 38, and Louth 33.

The Bureau has said briefings given by CAB officers to joint policing committees around the country credited for a major portion of the increase.

CAB presented the findings of its work in Louth to the Dundalk Joint Policing Committee earlier this year. Members heard that the number of investigations is 'quite significant for Louth, given its size.'

The head of CAB, Det Chief Supt Pat Clavin said this week: 'We got a massive response from the public after we travelled the country, addressing the joint policing committees and briefing them on the work we do.'

'The figures show that more than half of our targets are located outside Dublin and by spreading our message in every region, we have received a great reaction from people, who previously knew very little about the seizure of assets,' he added.

Chief Supt Clavin said people needed to know that if they had information that could be useful, all they had to do was get in touch with CAB or local profilers and 'we take it from there. They don't have to go to court to give evidence.'

Detective Chief Supt. Patrick Calvin explained that they were appealing to the public to report anyone whose lifestyle they suspect might be supported by crime.

He added that both nationally, and locally in Louth, the largest number of cases involve individuals suspected to making profit from the sale of illegal drugs.

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