Sunday 18 March 2018

Please strengthen the wall

Cllr. Maria Doyle with Railway Terrace residents Deborah, Carol and Colm Hoey, Rose Dowdall and Briege Murtagh
Cllr. Maria Doyle with Railway Terrace residents Deborah, Carol and Colm Hoey, Rose Dowdall and Briege Murtagh

Anne Campbell

A number of people who live at Railway Terrace on Dundalk's Carrick Road want Louth County Council to reconsider strengthening and upgrading the wall outside their homes after a Mercedes Benz car crashed into two homes last month.

Residents have written to the council outlining their concerns after the crash and said they want the small wall between their houses and the footpath strengthened and made higher to help protect the properties from any further incidents.

But the council are citing driver health and safety concern as their reason for not improving and building up the wall and now the residents want officials to reconsider.

One woman whose parents have lived at the 12 house terrace since the late 1970s says crashes, similar to the one on January 29, have happened before, with damage caused to homes, which are 160 years old. The incidents happened in 1995, 2015 and last week. Previously, the wall has been repaired, but not structurally reinforced. In addition, the residents are concerned about 'the huge increase in traffic volume' that the Carrick Road has seen in recent years and with the granting of permission for more than 100 new homes at Mount Hamilton, the road is set to become even busier.

One of the residents said: 'There are no traffic lights, no calming measures, no staggered speed bumps (at the Ecco Road) and we want the council to look at these possibilities as well as consider bollards and wall reinforcement'. They say they are fearful about a further, more serious accident taking place.

The homeowners are being supported in their calls for council action by Cllr. Maria Doyle, who also wants officials to look 'at the whole layout', particularly at the Ecco Road junction. She said: 'We need to be sure that something like the incident on January 29 doesn't happen again. I have written to officials about Railway Terrace and the Ecco Road and it has to be looked at in the round. In addition, I would like residents to be consulted'.

The council told the Argus: 'Louth County Council propose to repair the damaged wall at Railway Terrace as soon as practical to the same or similar construction as currently exists at this location. The council are not in a position to provide a more robust construction or measure (reinforced wall/boulders/heavy duty bollards) because this would not constitute an appropriate road safety system to mitigate against a high speed head-on collision such as occurred earlier last week, but would in itself cause a direct hazard to the occupants of any vehicle that might collide with it, potentially resulting in serious injury or fatality.

'Considering the extent of the damage caused by this incident we cannot provide any measure appropriate to the urban street environment at Railway Terrace that would not result in knowingly creating additional or more serious hazards for the occupants of any vehicle and/or for other road users should a similar situation occur again'.

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