Monday 16 September 2019

Pest-ridden dump found just metres from homes

Large-scale dumping is taking place
Large-scale dumping is taking place

Olivia Ryan

A rat 'as big as a cat' was found amid a mound of dumped household waste including meat and chicken carcasses, just metres away from houses, the Argus has learned.

The dumped waste was discovered in an area close to Fr. Murray Park, at the rear of the Clans football grounds, in a laneway that is frequently used by local people.

Dundalk Tidy Towns highlighted the huge area of dumped waste this week, and called for local people to report any dumping they become aware of.

'We had been out on a routine litter pick of the area when we came across the rubbish in an area at the back of the Clans,' explained Martin Holland, a Tidy Towns volunteer.

'It is an area where there has been dumping before, and the council do clear it, but there had obviously been a lot of waste dumped very recently.'

He added that it was 'too big a job for us to deal with' as it contained half eaten meat, a chicken carcass, dirty nappies and a lot of bags of cans and bottles.

'We actually went around the corner to an area beside Rice's bridge, and found another load of dumped waste.'

Among the rubbish was 'a rat as big as nay cat I have ever seen' which Martin said was clearly attracted to the dumped food waste.'

The illegal dumping is an area just underneath the railway line, which would surely be visible to passing railway passengers on the cross border Entreprise town.

'It's so sad to see this to be honest,' added Martin. 'Dundalk is such a great wee town. In fairness to the council they have been doing their part by clearing it. But it just gets filled with rubbish again.'

He added that a lot of the waste is recyclable, including bottles and cans.

'I don't know how we get the messages through to people not to do this. All we can do is appeal to people to report dumping if they come across it.'

He said Tidy Towns had been working across the town throughout the summer months, and were appealing to people in each area to join them in clearing litter and waste. 'It helps give people pride in the area they live in.'

Meanwhile, Louth TD Declan Breathnach has welcomed the announcement from Louth County Council that a CCTV programme launched in Drogheda will be concentrated on other areas in Louth in the coming months.

'In July, the Council issued 84 litter fines. 70 of these were in Drogheda, 8 were in in Dundalk and then 6 in the rest of the County. These stats are a clear sign that the CCTV Programme in Drogheda has been a huge success.'

'Illegal dumping takes up a lot of Council time and resources. Hitting litterers and dumpers with a fine is often the only way to stop them. I'm glad Louth County Council have said A CCTV programme under the 2019 Anti-Dumping initiative will be rolled out in other areas across Louth. This should lead to more fines and as a result, less litter in our towns and villages.'

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