Saturday 17 March 2018

Paypal's job boost ahead of schedule

Louise Phelan, Vice President of Global Operations for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), PayPal.
Louise Phelan, Vice President of Global Operations for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), PayPal.

Olivia Ryan

PAYPAL are ahead of schedule to employ 1000 staff at their Dundalk based European operations centre by 2015, the Argus has learned.

The US online transactions company has already recruited 550 at their Xerox Technology Park base, and according to Vice President, Louise Phelan, a further 500 staff are being sought.

In a wide ranging interview Ms. Phelan pledged to have jobs filled at the Dundalk plant by next year.

'I have a job to do, I have another 500 to roles to fill up in Dundalk to deliver on my commitments to Ireland Inc and PayPal.'

When Paypal first announced it was setting up in Dundalk in 2012, the company made a commitment to recruit 1000 staff over the ensuing four years.

But the Vice President's pledge is good news for Dundalk, and could see the company achieving the jobs target a year ahead of schedule.

The company has been proactive in recruitment, working with various universities on what it means for students to be 'workready', she says.

'Talent is the critical piece for companies coming in,' Phelan says. 'There is no point in me having 1,000 seats and not being able to fill them.'

And for those who have already secured employment with Paypal, their retention rate is, at 80 per cent, higher than many firms, says Ms. Phelan.

'We're mentoring our people, setting them up for a career, not just for a job. That's really important to us.'

Staff are about 50 per cent Irish and 50 per cent foreigners, serving a multilingual centre supporting Europe and beyond. She would like to add more to the Irish operation.

'We're always looking for opportunities to grow the company in Ireland and EMEA. Our hand is always up.'

And the Vice President the company has looked to Dundalk to pilot a new 'cashless' payments system.

It's a huge step forward in technology and a very important segue to us to bring that buyer and seller together, for vendors to know their customers, says Phelan.

'We have it in a number of small stores here, we're testing it out at our local hotel, we have it at a cafe in Dundalk, and at Butler's Chocolate in Blanchardstown.

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