Thursday 14 December 2017

Patsy and Mary mark 40 years going strong

Sonia McGahon, Louth Village, and Rose Kearney, Corcreaghy.
Sonia McGahon, Louth Village, and Rose Kearney, Corcreaghy.

OUR last port of call on Friday night was to Jimmy Reilly's Bar in Oriel Active where a special 40th wedding anniversary party was taking place for Patsy and Mary Carroll from Drive One.

A huge crowd had turned out specially for the occasion including their kids Paul, David and Nancy, Mary's sisters, Rose and Philomena, and brothers Leonard and Tommy.

The first group I had the pleasure of meeting up with included Therese Jeffers and Tony McComish from Muirhevnamor, who wanted to wish their neighbours all the best on their big night, and Doreen Larkin and Peter Murphy, both from Cluan Enda, who were up for making the best of the celebrations.

I then headed over for a word with Patsy's cousin Sandra and Brendan McCabe from Cedarwood Park who told me it was going to be a brilliant night.

At an adjacent table I got talking to nieces and nephews Francis Rogers and Anita McKenna, both from Saltown, Gerard and Margaret Tuite from Toberona, who were with Mary's sister and bridesmaid, Philomena Rogers from Cypress Gardens who told me they were going to dance their legs off later on and make it a really great night.

After this I headed over for a chat with Sonia McGahon from Louth Village who was with the happy couple's daughter, Nancy Carroll from Glenmore Park, who told me it was going to be a mad night for sure.

Making my way towards another table, I got taking to Mary's brother Leonard and Margaret Woods from Kilkerley and her sister Rose Kearney from Corcreaghy who were up for making it a real night to remember.

I then headed for a table where all Nancy's mates were. This included Eveann Kelly from Muirhevna, Susan Dignan from Bay Estate with Kevin McKenna from Avondale Park, Laura Byrne from Louth Village, Sharon Grimes from Riverside Drive and Christina McKee and Gordon Evans from Muirhevnamor, who told me it was going to be a totally excellent night.

I then caught up with some of the couple's neighbours and friends, Rose McEneaney and Ann Searle, both from Sliabh Foy Park, and Briege Minto from Drive 2 who told me it was a lovely night surrounded by friends and neighbours and couldn't wait for the dancing to get going.

Meanwhile, seated over with the happy couple I met up with Anna Cowan from Seafield Lawns and Margaret McGahon from Sliabh Foy Park who assured me they'd be partying all night long with Dalton Dullaghan from Dromiskin.

Heading towards the bar, I met up with Patsy and Mary's sons Dee and Paul Carroll from Drive 1 who were with Paul Shields from Sliabh Foy Park who told me this was definitely a cause for celebration.

Not too far away, I got talking to neighbours Brian and Teresa Larkin from Muirhevnamor who wanted to wish the happy couple all the best on the night and for the future.

Beside them, I got a word with Helen and Jimmy Gray from Glenmore Park who told me they are family friends and were looking forward to a good night with them.

Finally, before we departed I met my old friends David and Dinah McArdle from Dunmor who told me they've been friend with Patsy and Mary for years and David used to work with Patsy in the brewer and wanted to wish them a very happy 40th wedding anniversary.

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