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Passengers get Fast Track to town's past


A colourful new panel called Past Tracks has been installed at Dundalk's Clarke Railway Station thanks to a collaborative project between historian Turtle Bunbury, Flahavan's foods and Iarnród Éireann.

Researched by Turtle Bunbury, who is best known for his award-winning 'Vanishing Ireland' series, and illustrated by renowned Artist, Derry Dillon, it tells fascinating stories about historical events that occurred around Dundalk.

As commuters wait for their train, they can learn all about George Foster, who in 1819 won a bet by journeying from Dundalk's barracks to Market House in just under eight minutes on a velocipede (the precursor to the bicycle, which were by municipal authorities and town surgeons). They can also learn about John Philip Holland, who designed the first submarines for the US Navy and was a maths teacher at Coláiste Rís School, as well about the famous engineer Peter Rice, whose projects included the Sydney Opera House.

Iarnród Éireann District Manager for the Dundalk area, Tom Ayres said: 'The Station here in Dundalk is very much part of the local community and I am delighted that my customers have such interesting information to read while they wait for their train. Too many of us now have our heads constantly stuck in phones or other devices and it is important to appreciate the world around us. We cannot move into the future if we do not appreciate that past and these little nuggets that Turtle Bunbury has created are living history.'