Monday 23 April 2018

Opposition to plans for Aldi store

Hubert Murphy

MAJOR reservations are being expressed in relation to the future viability of Ardee's shopping heart in light of Aldi's aplication to build a new 'out of town' facility at Glebe.

A meeting took place last week at which moves were made to lodge an objection to the plan before the timeframe elapses this Wednesday.

Some feared that further expansion of main shopping areas outside the main streets of the town will 'kill the centre' of Ardee and also lead to job losses.

'There was a fear at the meeting that people might be seen as just looking after their own interests in objecting to the application. But there is a bigger picture here. The town needs shoppers to survive and the fact that places like Aldi are now 'one stop shops' means they impact on a variety of premises.

'Ask people in West Street in Drogheda or Clanbrassil Street in Dundalk about the impact of 'out of town' centres and they'll tell you,' one of those who attended the meeting stated. 'The question was asked, can Ardee sustain the impact of a place like Aldi and the answer was no. There are real concerns now in the town about all of this.'

'People are considering their options, but there will be objections because some feel strongly about what it will mean for the town. If further plans come forward for that area, it will take everything away from the centre and reduce the need to shop there. It's unfortunate timing just as the free parking is introduced.'

It is uncertain if the Ardee Traders group as a body will object to the application.

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