Wednesday 18 September 2019

Obama victory is even sweeter after casting a vote

A Louth woman is celebrating the election of Barack Obama whose victory was made sweeter because she could vote for him.

Deirdre Hay (nee Cummins) has dual citizenship because her mum was born in New York.

A past pupil of Dun Lughaidh, Ardee native Deirdre has been living in the USA for the past number of years and recently moved Colorado.

She said: 'Colorado was a swing state, which contrasts dramatically with the two other states I've lived in - Republican Texas and Democratic New York.

'There was a huge amount of energy around both Obama and the Democrats. I had three of his people knocking on my door, looking for votes. 'They had a really impressive party machine. Where were the Republicans in all this? They definitely weren't stomping around my neighbourhood. But people were really excited about voting and more than half registered for early voting'.

Deirdre, who lives in Denver with her husband Tom and daughter Feirin, also put her money where her mouth is by giving cash to Obama's campaign.

She said: 'For me, it was a simple decision. I welcomed his ideas on universal healthcare and tax cuts for middle-class families. I like his diplomatic approach to foreign affairs, which is a welcome change.

'I knew he needed money to beat the expensive, negative Republican ads so I gave $200. In true Obama supporter style, I gave it in $20 installments'.

Deirdre is delighted with the Illinois senator's win. She said: 'I feel like Obama has given us a lot to be hopeful for. If we can live in hope, rather than fear, the world is a better place'.