Thursday 19 September 2019

Obama election brings a new day for USA

Fran Murphy from Pearse Park with her granddaughter, Doireann Minford.
Fran Murphy from Pearse Park with her granddaughter, Doireann Minford.

Olivia Ryan

'It's the return of Camelot!' says New York native Fran Murphy who celebrated Barack Obama's election as the next President of the United States.

With the flags out at her Pearse Park home, Fran was one of many American people living in Ireland casting a postal vote over three weeks before the election.

'I voted for Obama of course,' said the registered Democrat, admitting that she sat up through the night to watch television coverage of the election count.

'It's a new day, a new dawn for America and the world, and all I could think of was that it has brought back Camelot,' said Fran, referring to the short but historic presidency of John F Kennedy.

Having arrived in Ireland forty years from her native Brooklyn, Fran was officially 'naturalised' as an Irish citizen in Dundalk court last year.

Loving life in her adopted homeland, she admits to missing her family during the celebrations of Obama's election last week.

'I really felt I would love to have been back home, to be part of that positive swell of pride that American's feel in our country once again.'

' A lot of my friends were ringing me knowing that I'd be missing home.

'I always say my heart is in New York, but my soul is in Ireland.'

Originally a supporter of Hilary Clinton, she decided to back the Illinois Senator after witnessing him 'come into his own as the best candidate for the job' over the last few months.

'It's an incredibly day to be an American, and I'm especially thrilled to see the world celebrating with us.

'It feels that we are casting off the disasters of the Bush years and moving forward with a new optimism.'