Tuesday 21 November 2017

'No urgency' to carry out community scheme work

COMPLAINTS about the lack of progress being made to carry out repairs to roads under the Community Improvement Scheme were aired at the monthly meeting of Louth County Council.

Several councillors complained that residents had paid their contribution towards the scheme yet works still hadn't been carried out.

Cllr. Colm Markey said he'd had representations from groups who had given money to the scheme but had heard nothing since.

There was no sense of urgency or priority about getting the works done, he complained.

'It's sharp practice to take money of locals and put the work at the bottom of the list.'

It was, he felt, 'bad publicity' for the scheme. He was also concerned that nothing was being in regard to tertiary roads.

His sentiments were echoed by Cllr. Martin Murnaghan while Cllr. Peter Savage described it as the 'most unfairest scheme ever introduced' as it meant that if people had money they could get their road repaired, while those who didn't have money, can't. He wanted a full report as to what money had been taken off people and when the work will be started.

Cllr. Frank Maher recalled that the Community Improvement Scheme was being looked on as a pilot project but if people feel they are being forgotten about he didn't think would give it creditability for the future.

Director of Service Joan Martin said that the council had a very limited amount of money available for road repairs.

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