Tuesday 17 September 2019

No individual impact insist HSE

The HSE have claimed that the decision to end the Rehabilitative Training (RT) bonus 'will not impact negatively on any individual.'

In a statement to the Argus, a spokesperson for the HSE said that since 2012, it has 'not been aligned with mainstream training services that had discontinued the payment of a training allowance.

'The ongoing payment of the RT Bonus has added to service inequities that already exist in the provision of day services to adults with disabilities.'

'Many of the day services provided to adults in day services are very similar to the content of the RT programmes as all day services, including RT, are progressing the day service policy - New Directions. People that attend a day service do not receive a bonus payment.'

He added: 'There are some people that are only in receipt of a part time day service placement whilst their preference would be to have a full time day service placement.

'Those currently in RT programmes will retain the bonus payment until they finish their RT programme, therefore the decision to discontinue the RT Bonus will not impact negatively on any individual.'

'The discontinuation of the RT Bonus will yield €3.7m over a four year period and this funding will be reinvested in disability day services. The €3.7m will provide 370 enhanced placements nationally or 148 new day placements to address priority unmet need.'

The Argus