Saturday 25 May 2019

New machines on way for pay parking

The current pay parking meters are set to be replaced
The current pay parking meters are set to be replaced

Olivia Ryan

A new fleet of pay parking machines are set to be installed in Dundalk in the coming months as Louth County Council prepare to go to tender for the installation of machines which it is hoped will feature the 'widest range of pay options.'

A spokesman for the local authority explained that there are plans for around 100 new machines are that they will feature contactless payment options, credit card payment facilities, and the option through a pay parking 'app' which is already in use in other parts of the country including Dublin.

'The intention is to feature the widest range of payment possibilities,' said the spokesman.

This, however, is 'not likely' to include the ability to pay with sterling coins, something which was raised at a recent council meeting.

The spokesman added that the logistics of featuring such a payment option were 'complicated' in that it would have to be tied in with currency exchange rates, which do change on a regular basis.

He explained that a draft request for tender for the installation of the new pay parking machines in Dundalk and Drogheda is being prepared and that it is hoped this will be in place over the next six months.

'The specification for the new machines will be largely similar in both towns,' said the spokesman.

But, there are some added time issues in Dundalk, said the spokesman, with the rejuvenation works set to be carried out in Clanbrassil Street, which will begin early next year.

'We do hope to be sufficiently advanced by the time the work at Clanbrassil Street gets underway,' said the council spokesman.

The local authority intend that the new machines will be incorporated into the design of Clanbrassil Street.

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