Thursday 23 May 2019

New era at Dun Lughaidh school

Dun Lughaidh reopens to students with extensive works having been completed

Teacher, Derek Nolan with Students in the new technology suite at St Louis Secondary School
Teacher, Derek Nolan with Students in the new technology suite at St Louis Secondary School
Head of Art at St. Louis Secondary School, Aine McEnaney
The grounds of St. Louis Secondary School

Olivia Ryan

St Louis Dundalk opened its doors to more than 500 students last week after the devastating fire in May which led to the school re-locating to DkIT.

A whirlwind of summer works has managed to blend the most high spec and up to date specialist rooms with the historic campus buildings

The school has also been recognised nationally with two prestigious projects to assist teaching and learning for the next school year.

Principal Michelle Dolan is delighted with the progress made in the three short months since the fire.

'The Department arrived on the morning of the fire and soon after instigated a series of upgrades, from the renovation of our 70 year old parquet floors, to the CCTV cameras, to the new reception area. We also had a full re-wiring, plumbing and heating overhaul, some new glazing and more fire security safety compliance work completed. It has been a dream come true in some ways. It is difficult to get funding for older schools so we were incredibly lucky that the Department has been as generous as they have been. There are further plans to upgrade more of the campus over the next two summers but it is quite staggering to see just how much was achieved in such a short space of time. Added to that of course we have a new Technology Suite and a beautifully bright new Art Room so we are really happy to be back on site this year.'

Head of Art Áine McEnaney adds she is delighted with her the new art room. 'It's every teacher's dream to be given such a fabulous room, it's like having a blank canvas on which you can start all over again.

New teacher and Head of Technology Derek Nolan who has over twenty years of experience is also very pleased with his new room. 'I know the old Tech room held many happy memories for past pupils, and for Jim Kelly who taught here for so many years but I imagine he will be happy to see his wishes come true, albeit after his retirement.'

St Louis are also delighted to have secured the Trinity College Dublin 21st Century School of Distinction Award.

This title recognises innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Winning schools demonstrated excellence in several core areas, including technologically rich teaching methodologies, strong mentoring programmes, robust leadership development and crucially, impressive progression to Third Level.

The Guidance Department led by Guidance Counsellor Dara Mee will be presented with the Trinity School of Distinction Banner in October and will travel to Burlington, Vermont to the 'College for Every Student Conference' in November and avail of a wealth of educational expertise and career development resources.

St Louis is also one of only nine schools in the country chosen this year for the Step Up Project, an innovation of the Department of Education aimed at supporting schools already at an effective level of practice to move to a highly effective level of implementation of the new framework for Junior Cycle.

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