Monday 18 December 2017

Municipal frustration

THE new Municipal Districts devised for Dundalk, Ardee and Drogheda following the dissolution of Dundalk and Ardee Town Councils and Drogheda Borough Council are rapidly becoming a frustrating experience for the newly elected members of Louth County Council.

In the past week the three new Municipal Districts have held their monthly meetings, their second such meeting since the local elections and they are finding the experience less than satisfactory.

The reason is that none of the executives of Louth County Council, CEO, engineers or housing officials attending these meetings. Indeed the only member of the council staff to attend does so in the capacity as a meetings convenor and has no role in answering the usual queries from Councillors. Indeed there is no provision in the meeting agends to raise any other business or A.O.B. something which you see on every meeting agenda since time began.

Yes it will take time for everyone, councillors, officials and the public to adjust to the new local government structures but accountability must remain at the core and we want more accountability not less.


The mess that follows the cancelling of two of the five GarthBrook's concerts has had a strange effect on me.

I have had cliches bouncing around my head all week.

'Shutting the gate after the horse has bolted'

'Putting the cart before the horse'

'Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory'

'Scoring an own goal'

Since the news first broke dozens of cliches have been bouncing around my head.

In any event it is a complete mess and whatever about the rights and wrongs of the residents, concert promoters, GAA or Dublin City Council, it is an embarrassment for Ireland Inc. and has damaged our reputation abroad.


How the tables have turned with assessing the fortunes of Louth and Dundalk on the football fields.

In 2010 Louth were preparing for the Leinster Final and the infamy that followed while Dundalk were struggling to keep the door at Oriel Park open, such were their money troubles.

Louth are now without a manager after a wretched season on the field, while Dundalk are rolling out the red carpet for their visitors from Luxembourg for Thursday night's Europa Cup first round second leg tie in Oriel Park.

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