Wednesday 17 January 2018

Moore the merrier for Die Hard fans


Director John Moore and brother Paul with Bruce Willis during filming for 'A Good Day to Die Hard'.
Director John Moore and brother Paul with Bruce Willis during filming for 'A Good Day to Die Hard'.


HANGING out with Hollywood star Bruce Willis was all in a day's work for Paul Moore who worked on the latest Die Hard movie, set for release next month.

The fifth instalment in the sequel 'A Good Day to Die Hard' was directed by Dundalk man John Moore, Paul brother's, and the duo, from the Point Road, managed a rare few quiet moments on set to pose with the movie's biggest star.

'Bruce was just a normal guy at the end of the day, once we got over the initial star struck few days!' said Paul.

'He was actually very down to earth, a really decent guy, it was great to work with him,' added Paul, who was the armoury expert on set.

As a soldier with the Irish army, his weapons expertise were put to good use on the set of the action flick, which was largely filmed in Budpaest over three months in 2012.

The film sees Bruce Willis reprising the lead role of John McClane, who travels to Russia to help his estranged son, played by Jai Courtney, out of prison, but is soon caught in the crossfire of a terrorist plot.

'Bruce seems to really love playing the character, and this movie is full of action with one of the biggest car chases in movie history,' said Paul.

A number of streets in the Hungarian capital, which doubled for a Russian city, were closed down to film the car chase.

'It took over 80 days to film, as it was very complex. All the cars had to have registrations changed to Russian, and the streets names and signs changed, to ensure it was authentic. It's going to look really good.'

Working with his brother, who has directed a series of blockbusters including The Omen remake and Max Payne, was a fantastic experience, said Paul.

'John is a real perfectionist, he has to make sure it is right. There has been a lot of editing done in Los Angeles and in Dublin actually as well. We are looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.'

Paul hopes to attend the UK premiere in early February, to celebrate the completion of the movie with the cast and crew.

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