Friday 15 December 2017

Menacing comments made to gardaí

A YOUNG man who told Gardai he 'knew where they lived' as they tried to get him to leave an area was in the end pepper sprayed and arrested, the district court heard last week.

Sean Ward, (23), 16 Oldbridge, Toberona, also admitted being one of two men who stole around €401 worth of goods from Dunnes Stores on November 26.

Judge Flann Brennan heard how on February 16, Gardai received a report about a man causing an annoyance at Mary Street North. They found Ward sitting on the front door step of a house with other people all of whom were told to leave the area.

Ward, who was very intoxicated, began shouting aggressively at Gardai and was arrested. He told Gardai he knew where they lived and was pepper sprayed while being restrained at the front of the patrol van. During the incident, Ward pulled the wiper arm off the windscreen.

Solicitor Dermot Lavery said it was clear his client was very intoxicated on this occasion and Ward had 'come off the worst for the altercation he had with gardai as he had to endure the extreme physical hardship of pepper spray which is no criticism of Gardai'.

He said Ward, who has a number of previous convicitons including assault, theft and traffic offences, has 'a bad record' but the public order and theft matters could be dealt with without a custodial sentenced being imposed. Judge Brennan adjourned the case to October 1 for a community service report, recommending 150 hours instead of six months in prison.

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