Friday 19 January 2018

Man stole safe from business

A Roscommon man who was visiting his sister in Dundalk stole the safe from the business below her flat, the district court heard last week.

But Mark Scott ( 28) Ballybride, Roscommon, said he had been having a party that night and didn't realise he had taken anything until he saw a large amount of cash on the table the following morning.

Judge Flann Brennan heard how the flat was located over a physiotherapy clinic and the entrance to both was accessed through the same front door. The physio discovered on May 8 that his office had been broken into over the weekend and a safe, containing €1055 in cash and a cheque for €805 had been stolen.

Gardai looked at CCTV and found Scott in his sister's flat upstairs. He admitted taking the safe and the money, and €920 was handed back to Gardai for the physio. But there was over €100 missing and the cheque and safe were not recovered.

Scott, who has 60 previous convictions including for public order, drugs possession and traffic offences, had since replaced the safe, solicitor Eleanor Kelly said. She said her client told Gardai he had ripped up the cheque and it was never cashed.

Ms Kelly said Scott had 'no recollection of this happening' and only realised something had happened when he saw the money on the sideboard the following morning.

She added that Scott had 'handed back to Gardai what was on the table in front of him'' but he is willing to come up with the balance of the money as he has started work as a mechanic.

Judge Brennan said he would give the defendant until March 1 to come up with the compensation but warned him he would go to jail if he didn't.

Irish Independent

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