Wednesday 25 April 2018

Major setback for pro boxer with Louth roots

Christina McMahon
Christina McMahon

Olivia Ryan

Champion female boxer Christina McMahon has faced a major setback in her bid to become the first Irish woman to win an WBA title.

Christina is from Monaghan, but her father Jim Marks, a retired garda Inspector, is originally from Ballagan, Greenore, and she has strong links to north Louth.

The 42 year old, known in the industry as 'Lightning McMahon,' was due to compete in the historic WBA finals in the National Stadium in Dublin on Saturday, December 3rd, where she was set to face Peruvian boxer Linda Laura Lecca.

But in an update to her fans, and those who had bought tickets for the major event, Christina confirmed last week:

'I just got the unfortunate news that my opponent pulled out. No surprise in my world of professional boxing. I'm fine now but was in a state of shock and annoyance. Its a tough cruel game and just too late to sort another opponent for the show, therefore the show is cancelled.'

She thanked everyone for their 'tremendous support and help' adding 'We won't give up without a fight!'

'I'd like to thank Frank Stacey for trying to put the show on, and everyone who bought tickets to support me. Paddy Kwan will be in touch to refund everyone who bought a ticket.'

She added: 'This is not the end of the journey just a frustrating situation that will look small in the years to come.'

If she succeeds in her bid, Christina who is currently ranked as the top super flyweight in Europe, would become the first ever female Irish professional boxer to claim a major world title.

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