Monday 11 December 2017

Louth winner features in Lotto's 30th year

Simon Fagan from Darver who won a Lotto Jackpot of €3,595,558
Simon Fagan from Darver who won a Lotto Jackpot of €3,595,558

Louth's lucky lotto winner Simon Fagan was featured in the National Lottery's 30th anniversary celebrations.

Simon, from Duffy's Cross near Darver, made headlines in April 2013 when he scooped the €3,595,558 jackpot.

But the lucky winner revealed in a special programme on the thirty year anniversary that he didn't splash out on a flashy sports car, opting instead for a second hand Kia, with over 100,000miles on the clock.

But the reason behind his modest choice was somewhat understandable - he only learned to drive after winning the lotto!

The mid-Louth man featured on RTE's Sean O'Rourke show where he revealed the moment he realised he had bought the winning ticket.

'I was sitting watching the draw live, and saw the first few numbers coming out, and said to myself 'Ah the usual three numbers ' but then the fourth was called, and then the fifth.

'I said to my brother beside me, if number 22 comes out we're in business.'

'Then the girl called 22 and I couldn't believe it. I didn't realise how much was in the jackpot at the time.' He added that the reality didn't sink in until around 9.30 that evening when he put on a radio at full blast, and he heard the announcement 'only one winner - in the north east, €3.6million, so I knew then.'

Simon was crowned Ireland's 'most laid back winner' who said he would continue living with his mammy!

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