Wednesday 22 May 2019

Louth has the largest number of homeless in the North East

The stark reality of Louth's homelessness crisis was highlighted this week, with new figures showing were 156 people registered as homeless across the county at the end of March.

The latest 'Homelessness Report' published from the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government for the period from March 25th to 31st showed that the number of people classed as homeless is continuing to rise.

An additional six people had been added to the register since the previous month, adding to concerns that not enough is being done to provide homes for individuals and familes

The figures also came on the back of a report from Homelessness charity Focus Ireland which highlighted Louth as having has the largest number of homeless in the North-East .

The recent homeless figures show that the crisis in Louth is reflected across the country, with over 10,000 people in Ireland now homeless.

A spokeswoman for Fous Ireland said: 'This is a stark figure with nearly 4,000 of them children. Many of these children are growing up in unsecure emergency accommodation, living in one bedroom with nowhere to cook or play. Focus Ireland works to help over 15,500 people a year who are homeless or at risk.

The leading charity also provides 1,200 homes in Ireland for families and individuals who were previously homeless or at risk.

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