Monday 18 December 2017

Louth and Meath among the worst for burglaries

LOUTH and Meath suffer some of the highest rates of burglary in the country, it has been revealed.

The Dublin commuter counties have seen a huge rise in the number of homes broken into over the past number of years according to a survey carried out by AA Ireland.

Outside of the capital, Louth is one of the worst counties for burglary in the country while Meath has seen the greatest increase in burglaries than any other commuter county with 40 per cent more burglaries in 2012 compared to eight years ago.

The survey of 15,500 people has revealed that nearly three in ten people have been burgled.

Dublin is worst for burglaries overall, with more than 38 per cent of people saying they have been a victim of this crime at some stage while Donegal is the safest as just 13 per cent in the northern county have been burgled.

Conor Faughnan, Director of Consumer Affairs at the AA said that the numbers are not surprising.

'The problem in the commuter counties around Dublin is that every morning a would-be burglar knows that there will be a mass exodus towards the capital, leaving behind whole estates full of empty houses, meaning easy pickings,' he said. 'People need to be more concious of their security. Burglars know these houses will be empty during the day and they are opportunistic. If someone pulls into a driveway in a plain white van and look vaguely like a workman it is very unlikely anyone will notice anything suspicious about their presence.'

The AA poll discovered that 14% of those who were burgled said that the offender got in through an open door or window. But over 31% of participants said that the intruder gained access through a locked door.

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