Wednesday 13 December 2017

Levies push up housing costs

March 2004

The cost of new houses in Dundalk was set to increase from Dundalk Town Council members agreed in March, 2004 to adopt new development levies.

The new levies were agreed after much debate and represented a 10% increase on the previous figures plus a €1,000 amenity charge.

The new levies were set at €8,700 for houses up to 150 sq. metres, plus the €1,000 amenity charge; and for commercial developments levies were set at a cost per sq. metre, such as roads: €28, water €16, sewerage €12.50 and surface water €10.50. There would also be an addition charge on commercial properties of €8,250 per car parking space.

Members of the council were unhappy about the new levies and only agreed to adopted the new charges after it was agreed that the money was needed to plan out the future development of the town and various facilities and amenities.

The car parking charge of €8,700 was resisted by many members who felt that it was exorbitant and out of kilter with the rest of the country.

But the County Manager argued that the charge was the only charged on developers who didn't provide car parking spaces, and she said that the actual charge for the council to provide a car parking space was €9,400 when land acquisition costs and development costs were taken into account.

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