Monday 20 November 2017

Large carving knife found among rubbish

The knife which was dumped on The Ramparts
The knife which was dumped on The Ramparts

Margaret Roddy

SHOPWORKER May Buchanan was shocked when she found a large carving knife as she walked through rubbish on her way to work last Monday morning.

May, who works in Carroll's Bookshop, Park Street, is used to having to pass litter as she makes her way to work after the weekend as the pavement at Williamson's Place and the Ramparts has become a blackspot for illegal dumping.

'There's often a lot of household rubbish dumped there, dirty nappies and the like, but I couldn't believe it when I saw a large carving knife in the middle of the rubbish,' she said.

She removed the knife from the scene as she feared that someone could have been injured.

'There's some young children living on the street and they could have hurt themselves had they found it.'

She said that she reported the matter to Louth County Council and was given the number of the litter warden.

'Rubbish is dumped there every week. I feel sorry for the people living on the street, families with young children and elderly people,' she says. 'Most people seem to have bins so I don't know where the rubbish is coming from but it builds up there and as soon as it's cleared away, there's more dumping at the weekend.'

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