Sunday 24 February 2019

Kavanagh investigated for hassling bookshop owners

30 year release of State papers

The acclaimed Inniskeen writer Patrick Kavanagh came under Garda scrutiny for pressurising bookshop owners to display his book 'The Green Fool' in their shop windows.

According to 80 year old State Papers released by the Department of Justice last week, a garda investigation was opened in 1938 after the poet called to several Dublin book shops demanding that his book be displayed in their windows.

The manager of Fred Hanna's, Nassau St. told a Detective Garda Sergeant that he was not afraid of Kavanagh, but feared he might do some damage.

He claimed the poet had said: 'You have 15 minutes to put my book in the window, this is an ultimatum.'

The investigation began after gardaí were contacted by a priest who believed the 'The Green Fool' was somewhat anti-Catholic in tone.

Fr Senan of Church St, Dublin, suggested the book be referred to Department of Justice under the Censorship of Publications Act.

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