Friday 23 March 2018

Ireland's luckiest county!

Anne Campbell

LOUTH is the luckiest place in Ireland, if you are looking to be a Lotto millionaire, with the Wee County having four times more winners than Kilkenny.

Analysis of €1m-plus jackpots going back to 1989 shows that 750 lottery millionaires being created between the National Lottery's flagship Lotto game and, in later years, additional games such as the EuroMillions, according to the Irish Times.

Data of where all the winning tickets have been sold over the years shows that the distribution of Ireland's lottery millionaires differs greatly from county to county.

Louth is the luckiest county in Ireland, with 2.3 lottery millionaires per 10,000 population since its inception.

That is more than four times the rate in Kilkenny and more than three times the number of lottery millionaires who won in Leitrim, where just two winning tickets worth €1 million or more have been sold in more than 26 years.

In Louth there is one lottery millionaire in every 4,389 people, but only one person in 19,084 has struck it that lucky in Kilkenny and there is just one lottery millionaire per 15,899 people in Leitrim.

Dublin is the second luckiest county, with 2.2 lottery millionaires per 10,000 population.

The north and west have also have a high concentration of jackpot winners with Donegal, where two €1m jackpot winners have been created per 10,000 population, and Mayo and Sligo, with 1.8 per 10,000 population.

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