Monday 18 December 2017

IFA seek reduction in property tax

Louth famers have made a submission to Louth County seeking a reduction in the property tax to reflect the level of services provided and to ensure that there is no further erosion of competitiveness and loss of income for farm families.

Louth IFA Chairman, Matthew McGreehan said, 'The purpose of the property tax is to support the provision of local services, with the majority of the proceeds of the tax accruing to local authorities. While this should provide more autonomy to local authorities to provide appropriate services, there can be no change in the rate of the tax to compensate for a reduction, or lack of funding from other sources'.

He continued, 'IFA believes that the local property tax must reflect the level of local services provided, which are significantly lower in rural Ireland than those provided in urban areas'.

He concluded, 'In addition, the burden of taxation on farm families has, in common with other sectors, increased significantly in recent years.

'To encourage investment and enterprise and to support overall economic recovery, there must be a reduction in the overall taxation burden and I am calling on Louth Co Council to reduce the property tax next year'.

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