Tuesday 23 January 2018

Hunt for Adrian Donohoe weapon

The searches carried out by the PSNI for the murder weapon used to kill Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe have concluded, the Argus understands, with any items found during the operation, on land outside the town of Crossmaglen, being sent for forensic examination.

The searches, reported on Saturday by the Irish Daily Star's crime correspondent, Michael O'Toole, went on for a number of days last week and involved PSNI officers using metal detectors in a bid to find the sawn-off shotgun used to murder D-Gda. Donohoe in 2013.

In addition, it has also been revealed that the man suspected by investigators of pulling the trigger during the incident at Lordship Credit Union, has had his period of detention increased.

The criminal, who is from the North, is currently in a jail in the South for an offence unconnected to the death of the detective, but his period of detention was set to run out in a matter of weeks.

Detectives feared that the thug, who has strong ties outside Ireland, would leave the country as soon as his period of custody expired.

But sources have now told The Star that the criminal has now been hit with even more jail time, which means he will be in custody for months to come, and at a sensitive time in the investigation.

Sources say the Garda team investigating their colleague's brutal murder are now making real progress in the case - and are increasingly confident of bringing the five-strong killer gang to justice.

The Argus

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