Tuesday 12 December 2017

Housing crisis Louth report

The number of people accessing emergency accommodation in Louth reached crisis levels, according to a new report the council submitted to the Department of Housing.

The report, which was presented to councillors at their monthly meeting, revealed that in the north east, Louth is bearing the brunt of the housing problem in the region, with 110 people listed as accessing emergency accommodation.

This was compared to just one person in County Monaghan, and two in County Cavan, making the total for the region 113.

The report further revealed that in the 'any given week' survey which was conducted from March 20th to 20th this year, there were 73 people in private emergency accommodation, which could include hotels, b&b's and guesthouses. There were 41 people in supported temporary accommodation.

But it was pointed out that some people may have accessed multiple types of accommodation during the week.

Within the total number accounted for, there were four families with dependent children.

Councillors heard that so far in 2017 there were 29 households who have left emergency accommodation through either a HAP (Housing Assistance Provision), being placed in social housing, or approved housing bodies.

The local authority has confirmed that work has begun on the development of a new regional homeless action plan.

Cllr. Emma Coffey commended officials or the detailed report, and highlighted the alarming number of people who were in emergency accommodation.

Debating access to housing across the county, Cllr. Antoin Watters said he was shocked to see in a separate report provided to the members that there were just six houses provided in Carlingford in 2016.

Chairman, Cllr. Mark Dearey added that it was clear that the demand for housing was 'overwhelming at this stage.'

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