Sunday 9 December 2018

Household rubbish being dumped near town centre

Dumped litter in Mary Street South
Dumped litter in Mary Street South

The scourge of household rubbish being dumped in encroaching into the town centre, as bags of domestic refuge were discarded at the junction of Anne Street and Mary Street South, just yards away from the Friary Church and schools.

Local residents are concerned that the dumping, which took place over a number of days last week, will attract rats into the area.

'There are bags and boxes of household rubbish being dumped every day, and while there have been problems in recent years, this is the worst that it has been,' he said.

He said that the bags had been moved from one side of the street to another and that rubbish had spilled out.

'I have small children and I'm afraid they are going to come out some day and find syringes.'

'It's disgusting and makes the area very unattractive for the people who live here.'

He added that while the rubbish had been removed, more bags appeared overnight.

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