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Hallowe'en attack on Lordship school

'It could have been a lot worse if the fire had taken hold,' commented Mr Joe McDonnell principal Rampark NS as he condemned an attack on the school in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Gardai are investigating the incident in which windows were smashed and fireworks thrown into classrooms by a teenage gang.

It's believed that a gang of 40 or 50 teenagers arrived in Lordship on Hallowe'en night with the intention of attacking the playing pitches of St Patrick's GFC.

However, the club became aware of the threat and secured the pitch and left flood lighting on.

The thugs, some of whom had travelled in cars, then converged on the local primary school and began throwing fireworks and rockets at passing cars.

Concerned residents called the Gardai and the youths ran off when a patrol car arrived.

However, they returned after the gardai had left, and attacked the school, breaking a number of windows in the building and throwing a rocket into classrooms.

'Luckily enough the fire didn't take hold although some of the pupils' artwork was destroyed,' says Mr McDonnell.

'It could have been a lot worse,' he said, revealing that Saturday was spent cleaning up after the vandalism.

'There was a lot of broken glass strewn around the place as nine panes of glass were smashed,' he said.

'As soon as they heard what happened, parents came down and helped to clean up the mess on Saturday morning.'

The broken panes of glass in the windows and doors has been replaced and Mr McDonnell estimates that the damage will about to a few thousand Euro.

'It's the first time we've ever had any like this happen to the school,' he said.