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Hackers disrupt internet services

DUNDALK internet users saw access to the web stalled on Monday as eircom confirmed that suspected hackers had targeted services.

Thousands of users across Dundalk and Louth had no access at all or experienced significant delays in accessing the internet for a number of hours.

Internet difficulties emerged early on Monday, and continued until after 11pm, when eircom said they were able to restore access for the majority of customers.

A spokeswoman confirmed that the service may have been intermittently cut for some customers, returning for a numbers of hours, and then cutting out again.

'On Monday night customers experienced significant congestion while browsing the web.'

'While it is too early to confirm, eircom believes that it is related to an unprecedented volume of traffic deliberately directed at our network which has caused difficulties for customers over recent days.

' We will keep our customers advised with regular updates.'

She added: 'Service has been restored to our customers since late Monday night. Our technical specialists have been and will continue to work to around the clock to determine the source of the problem.'

It is the second time recently that eircom services have been affected by an 'unusual and irregular volume' of traffic directed at the site.

The spokeswoman revealed that eircom has been in contact 'with other operators in the Irish market to collaborate and pool technical expertise in this area'.