Monday 22 October 2018

Google funding for 'Code' week

St Vincent's Secondary School was one of five schools nationwide to have been selected from over 500 submissions to receive funding from Google for their Code Week Activities.

A total of 467 primary school students from twelve different primary schools in the North Louth area visited St Vincent's over EU Code Week to take part in their Codathon. Transition year students gave lessons in how to use Scratch, how to programme a BBC microbit, they used inventors kits to make fans and they also used iPads to code Spheros and Lego Boost around the St Vincent's maze as well as bowling with them.

The Primary Schools included Rampark NS, Bellurgan, St Olivers NS Carlingford, Realt na Mara, St Daighs, St Malachy's GNS, Mullabuoy NS and St Fursey's NS.

Deputy Principal Linda McCusker explained, 'The school hosted a range of activities which aimed at bringing coding and programming to life for the younger students. It was also a wonderful opportunity for our own students as they experience 'teaching' ICT in a practical and fun way.'

By the end of Europe Code Week, almost 3,000 Irish students, teachers and parents will have benefitted from the programme, just one of many of Google's educational initiatives run in Ireland and worldwide.

Claire Conneely, CS Education Manager, Google said; 'It's a fantastic achievement that two Louth schools were selected from 500 applications for funding for Code Week. Congratulations to all!'

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