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Giving a voice to older people

In the run-up to the European and local elections and as part of its ongoing development, the Irish Senior Citizens' Parliament is organising a series of meetings throughout the country, including Dundalk.

The meeting in Dundalk will be hosted by the Louth Division, which comprises all the organisations who are affiliated to the Parliament in County Louth, in the Carroll Mead Hall, Pearse Park today ( Wednesday) at 2pm and conclude at 4pm. The meeting will focus on: • Communicating Europe • European Elections • Local Elections It will provide an opportunity for the participants to engage with candidates standing for election to the European Parliament and to put the needs and concerns of Older People in the East EU Constituency to them and in turn to hear their responses, plans and manifestos.

There will then be an opportunity for dialogue between Older People and the Local Election candidates on the issues affecting them and their families.