Wednesday 17 January 2018

Gardai issue social network warning

GARDAI HAVE advised people not to post up their Christmas arrangements on social networks or tell people when they are going to be away from home.

'' We have seen a few incidents this year when people have said they are going out or will be away and their houses have fallen victim to break ins,' Sgt Vincent Jackson stated this week.

He quoted an incident when someone said on their webpage that they intended spending their €700 confirmation money and the house was broken into and the money stolen.

'Just throw away remarks can be caught by some people and that information used,' he warned. He also advised people that if deals over the internet looked too good to be true then they were probably just that - not true.

'We would urge people to source items like iphones themselves and not depend on internet sites. People have sent off money for these items and got nothing and then the card details are used.'

For people going away for the holidays he has asked them to just inform neighbours.

'I think people now realise that having their house alarm constantly ringing is a bad idea. People sometimes ignore them and that means thieves know there's no-one in the house and no-one checking it.'

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