Saturday 16 December 2017

Gardai closing in on murderers of Detective

Anne Campbell

THE GARDAI are closing in on the gang that murdered Det Garda Adrian Donohoe – and have urged those who were involved but didn't shoot the father-of-two to come forward 'before we knock on your door'.

At a press conference on Friday at Dundalk Garda Station, Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan said he believed there were people in this area, North and South, who continue to 'shield' those responsible for the January 25, 2013, killing.

And he revealed that gardaí know the identity of the gang who carried out the murder.

He said: 'There are people North and South who are aware of the perpetrators and are shielding the murderer. It is appropriate at this time that I appeal to people about the distinctive child seat and specialist panel beating hammer as these are important items in the investigation.

'It is important that we have every single piece of evidence that will lead to bringing these people to justice'.

Commissioner Callinan said he was happy with the progress of the investigation so far and revealed that officers have travelled 'to a number of countries to 'gather intelligence and evidence'.

He said: 'It doesn't matter if it's next week or next year, we will bring these people to justice'.

He said society, on both sides of the border, 'has a choice to make'. Mr Callinan said: 'There are people North and South who have information. These are ordinary everyday people who know what people [involved in the murder] did before and after.

'They are shielding the murderer and I'm making a heartfelt plea to them to come forward to help us progress this investigation'.

Asked why people would shield a garda killer, the commissioner said: 'There are a variety of reasons why people don't come forward to help the gardaí. You have to make a choice as to what type of society you want.

'Is it acceptable there are people going around murdering people, including those who are protecting the State?'

And he promised those who did come forward with information for gardaí that they would be protected, adding gardaí have a track record in these type of sensitive inquiries.

He added that people coming forward would 'certainly speed things up'.

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