Tuesday 15 October 2019

Fundraising siblings are a cut above

Caoimhe Rose Rafferty who got her hair cut for charity in St. Peter's NS, Dromiskin. Photo: Aidan Dullaghan/Newspics
Caoimhe Rose Rafferty who got her hair cut for charity in St. Peter's NS, Dromiskin. Photo: Aidan Dullaghan/Newspics
Ruth McEneaney, Chaplin’s Hair Salon, with Caoimhe, Sean Og, Sean and Melanie Rafferty present two cheques to Caroline McGrath and Tracy Howell, NICU in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda

Margaret Roddy

Brother and sister Sean Og and Caoimhe Rose Raffety proved that they are made of the right stuff when they spearheaded a fund-raising day at St Peter's NS, Dromiskin which benefited two charities.

Seven year old Caoimhe Rose kept the promise she had made to get her hair cut to help children undergoing cancer treatment, while eleven year old Sean Og remembered the neo natal unit at Our Lady of Lourde's Hospital where he spent the first months of his life.

Caoimhe , first class pupil, had been so moved by watching a video of a little girl undergoing cancer treatment on Youtube that she told her mother Melanie that she wanted to get her hair cut and donate it to a charity which makes wigs for children who had lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

'That was a few years ago and her hair wasn't long enough at the time,' recalls Melanie. 'I thought no more about it until last year she said not to cut her hair as she was growing it to donate to the Rupunzel charity .'

However, Caoimhe laid down one condition before getting her long blonde hair cut - she wanted to have it cut off before her classmates at school so that some of the others might be inspired to do the same thing.

Not wanting to be left out of the fund-raising, Sean Og, who is in fifth class, then decided that he would like to help raise money for the neo natal unit at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.

'Sean Og was three months premature so he spent quite a lot of time in the Neo Natal unit,' recalls Melanie. 'He said that if Caoimhe was raising money for kids with cancer, than he wanted to do some fundraising for the Neo Natal unit as only for that he wouldn't be here today.'

So Melanie, with the help of the staff at St Peter's NS and her neighbours in Dromiskin, set about organising a special day which took place last Thursday. Local hair-stylist Ruth McEneaney from Chaplin's Hair Salon, took the scissors to Caoimhe Rose's 16" long plaits, while former Dundalk player and Liverpool international coach Dave Rogers was there to support his nephew and niece in their fund-raising endevours.

Raffle tickets were sold for three signed football jerseys, Dundalk, Ireland and Liverpool and, along with the money raised by a Jersey Day in the school the previous Friday, Sean Og raised €3,017 for the Neo Natal unit. Caroline McGrath and Tracy Howell, two of the nurses who had cared for him when he was in the unit, also attended the day,

Melanie is justifiably proud of her two children and was overwhelmed with the support shown by the school and their friends and neighbours in Dromiskin and further afield.

'We had an absolutely brilliant day!' she says.

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