Monday 21 October 2019

Fundraising for Sean Cox reaches €1.1m

Fundraising for Liverpool fan Sean Cox, who was seriously injured in an attack outside Anfield last year, has topped €1.1 million.

Sean, who works in Precision Cables, Dundalk, has been the focus of a number of major fundraising drives in recent months.

His wife, Martina, issued a statement this week thanking the public for their support.

'As we reach the end of 2018, I would like to extend a huge expression of gratitude to everyone who supported Seán and I, and our children since Seán's attack in April of this year.' She added; 'We spent a lot of time over Christmas with Seán in the National Rehabilitation Hospital, Dun Laoghaire, where he is continuing to make progress. He no longer has a feeding tube so is starting to eat and drink again with the help of the wonderful nursing staff. Seán has some more words and is trying very hard to sing along to familiar songs; these are encouraging and proud steps for us all.'

She explained that the family used the time with Seán over Christmas to try and relay to him the public goodwill and support there has been for him over the eight months since his attack.

'This time last year we were an ordinary family looking forward to another New Year and what that would bring. Seán or I never dreamt that twelve months on, there would be websites or media interviews or fundraising events all brought about by what happened after Seán was attacked in Liverpool on 24th April."

'While it has been an exceptionally difficult time, what has helped me and the kids get through it has been the overwhelming goodwill of Seán's family, friends, supporters and the general public. The Support Seán campaign has witnessed huge generosity and has raised €1.1 million to date.'

'While we have a battle ahead again in 2019, our burden is lightened by this love and support for Seán,' said Mrs.Cox.

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