Wednesday 19 September 2018

Fun in the snow as children enjoy a winter wonderland

Joseph Zhao having a wonderful time at Ice House Hill
Joseph Zhao having a wonderful time at Ice House Hill
Emily and Gráinne Moran having a wonderful time at Ice House Hill

There was a silver lining to every snow cloud when the 'Beast from the East' collided with Storm Emma last week.

With schools closed for a number of days, kids enjoyed their snow break by taking to local parks for a spot of sleigh riding!

Snow covered Ice House Hill was a popular choice for many kids, some who came prepared with sleighs, while others made do with bin lids and bags to soar down the icy hills.

After being stuck indoors during he red weather warning, kids let of some steam with a spot of snowball fighting.

Cabin fever did have an upside though as neighbourhoods across the region even took to hosting snowman building competitions.

The Argus held its own competition with tonnes of entries flooding in featuring all manner of snowy creations, from snowmen to a number of igloos and Olaf from the popular Frozen movie!

St. Helena Park too was transformed into a winter wonderland, with a number of people braving the elements to get out doors to capture the snowy scenes on camera.

Elsewhere, some families even tried to re-create the winter wonderland theme, by putting up their Christmas tree once again!

But some of the most inspiring stories to have emerged over the last week, many of them shared on social media, where the examples of community spirit.

Ordinary people , on many occasions, came out to assist those trapped and cut off by the snow. In some of Louth's most rural parts, emergency services were assisted by volunteers from the community, including those working with the Order of Malta, Red Cross, Louth Civil Defence and the Louth based Irish coastguard.

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