Tuesday 23 January 2018

Former soldier takes on 32 county cycle

A former soldier who spent part of his career in Dundalk's Aiken Barracks is cycling though the 32 counties to raise funds for Temple Street Children's Hospital.

James Mee spent 18 months in Dundalk and spent the rest of his military career stationed in his native Monaghan.

Now retired, James devotes a huge amount of time and energy to raising funds for Temple Street Children's Hospital.

He began his 32 county tour in Ardee last week, and will be taking part in a number of marathons and half-marathons with his rickshaw.

He is delighted with the response he has received as the travels the highways and byways in his rickshaw and usually dresses as a leprechaun when joining in marathon and half-marathons.

'It brings a smile to people's faces,' he said when he called into The Argus last Thursday.

He is hoping to raise €16,000 for the Dublin children's hospital and is well on the way to meeting his target, having collected €5,000 so far.

The Argus

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