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A TURF war has erupted between the two Louth Fianna Fail candidates battling to win a seat in next week's general election.

Cllr. Declan Breathnach claims that Senator James Carroll has been given 17,000 additional homes to canvass in areas where he would normally go door to door.

'I am absolutely livid. There are posters up in Castlebellingham, Kilsaran, and Duffy's Cross, areas that are my natural hinterland,' he stated this week.

He also claimed that Senator Carroll was canvassing in Ardee, which would have been his traditional stomping ground 'with no mention of me at all'.

'I just want some fairness in this campaign, but the fact is James Carroll has been anointed and appointed by the 'suits' in Fianna Fail,' said the Knockbridge councillor.

Senator Carroll has countered by stating that Declan Breathnach's ' backbiting, sniping and negative remarks' are part of the politics of the past.

He said his posters were erected in his area of Louth and when Kilsaran was removed from 'my half of the constituency', his posters were removed and Cllr. Breathnach's were put up.

'I erected no posters in Duffy's Cross or Dromiskin. Declan Breathnach's team canvassed Ardee town last Saturday even though that was always accepted to be in my area,' he added.

'I am determined to win a Dáil seat so that people from Ardee to Drogheda to East Meath have a Fianna Fail TD. The people have a Fianna Fail TD for North Louth in Seamus Kirk.'

Knockbridge native Breathnach feels Senator Carroll is being 'favoured' by FF HQ.

'There are 105,000 votes, so a direct split would be 52,500. But I agreed to let James take an extra 5,000 in order to give him a boost during his first time on the election trail.'

He argued that in addition to this, an almost 12,000 other potential voters have since been handed over to the Monasterboice man.

'I have nothing personal against James Carroll, he's a very good candidate. But I think Fianna Fail are sacrificing the 35 years of experience I have in politics in favour of him.

'At the end of the day I am a party man, I always have been. But I feel I should be given the same loyalty by Fianna Fail headquarters.

'My campaign team are Fianna Fail to the back bone, and even they feel let down.'

Senator Carroll concluded by saying he would be 'getting as many number twos' as possible for Cllr. Breathnach.

'I believe he can also win a seat to deliver a second FF TD for the North Louth area,' he stated.