Monday 18 December 2017

'Face and Headspace' wows crowd

Ellen and Ann Norton, Muirhevnamor.
Ellen and Ann Norton, Muirhevnamor.

ON Thursday night we headed for the County Museum for the launch of 'Face and Headspace' a joint exhibition from local artists Kevin Haughey and Michael Stafford both from Broughton Street who decided to join forces to show their most current work and a huge crowd turned out for the launch of their work which will be on show at the rear of the museum until August 29.

The show is a diverse selection of caricature and abstract and is the best of their current work.

Kevin was supported by his wife Emma and kids Gracie and Jack, parents Stevie and Marian from Knockbridge while Michael was accompanied by his wife Michelle O'Keeffe, mum Susan Stafford from Aghameen Park, sister and niece Ann and Ellen Norton from Villas 3, sister Susanne Stafford, son Jimi and partner Peter Laverty from Aghameen Park who are getting ready for the latest addition to their family in the next week or so.

I then decided to have a look round to see who was there and met up with Fred Carpenter originally from Dublin but now living in Cooley and he told me that he and Cecil King were responsible for bringing the first professional exhibition to the Town Hall in the early 1970s.

He told me he was pleased with the diversity on show and wanted to wish both artists all the best with their exhibition.

Next I got talking to David Gearty who had come over from Sligo specially for the exhibition and he said he thought it was very good and a credit to both artists.

After this I headed over for a chat with Kevin's cousins Suzanne Markham from Skerries and Lisa Lennon from Hackballscross who told me they thought the work was fabulous and particularly liked the 'mug shots'.

Moving through the crowds I met up with Michael's nephew Jimi Stafford from Aghameen Park who was with Conor Donegan from Kingswood who said the whole exhibition was brilliant and really class.

I then caught up with Eugene O'Hanlon from Broughton Street who was there to support both his friends and said he has known Michael for the last 20 years and Kevin only a few but he was delighted to be there to see their work on show.

He told me his wife Sarah couldn't make it but would get over later in the week to check it out.

Making my way through the packed auditorium I caught up with Ollie Ralph from Ravensdale who told me he had worked both with Kevin and Emma and was delighted to be there and there were some beautiful pieces on show.

I then bumped into my old friend Eileen Corcoran from the Knockbridge who presents the Arts Show on Dundalk FM on Saturday evening.

She was with Vera White from London and they both agreed that there were some very interesting pieces to be seen on the night.

After this I headed over for a chat with Paul and Fiona McKenna from St. Clements Park who said the work was very impressive and very colourful. They commented favourably on Mickey's 'Lego Triptych'.

They also wanted to say thanks to Paul's brother John McKenna who was on babysitting duties with Grainne and Aoife.

Not too long later I got a word with Paul McNally from Oaklawns who told me he has been a friend of Michael's for years and shares the same taste in music and art and was delighted to be there.

I then headed over for a word with well known musician Cathal Johnson from Beechmount Drive who told me the show was brilliant and he really loved the Clown it is amazing.

Next I got a word with Mobolaji Aicigboaun from Saltown who told me the show was very contemporary and he was really enjoying it.

After this I got talking to Stoney Malone from Avondale Park who was there to support the lads and couldn't wait to see their work.

I headed over for a word with my friends Adam and Simon Woodcock from Bay Estate who were there to support the lads.

They were there with Kevin Toal from Greyacre Road who is home from Linz in Austria who told me he was particularly impressed with a couple of pieces on show.

Kevin is also home for Simon's stag party which was heading for Kilkenny early on Saturday morning for the weekend and I was reliably informed that artist Michael was getting on the bus too.

Best of luck goes out to Simon and Emma Kirk who are getting married later on in the year.

This exhibition is well worth a viewing and will be running until August 29th.

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