Saturday 20 January 2018

Ex-Garda chiefs slam Smithwick findings

Olivia Ryan

THREE former Dundalk-based senior gardai have hit out at the Smithwick Tribunal report, claiming the finding of Garda collusion with the IRA is 'unfounded, and not supported by evidence.'

Retired Chief Superintendents Michael Staunton, Michael Finnegan and John O'Brien submitted a critique of the report by the Smithwick Tribunal, set up to investigate the murder of two RUC officers in 1989, to the government this week.

Speaking to the Argus yesterday, Tuesday, Mr Staunton, pictured right, said: 'We were largely dissatisfied with the findings of the Smithwick tribunal, and felt it did not fairly reflect the evidence.'

He added that the report impacts on gardaí currently serving in Dundalk, and had the potential to damage relations with the PSNI.

'It reflects badly on the force in Dundalk, which I was part of, and we felt that we had an obligation to protect our good names.'

The former senior officers had a combined service of almost 120 years with the gardaí.

The Argus

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