Wednesday 21 August 2019

Dundalk nurse is hailed a hero

Margaret Roddy

The quick-thinking of a Dundalk nurse who administered first aid to a man who collapsed in Blackrock on Saturday was praised this week as his daughters took to social media to thank her.

The Newry man was enjoying a day out in Blackrock with family on Saturday afternoon when he took ill.

A number of passers-by came to his aid, including Alice Challoner from the Avenue Road, who had worked as a maternity nurse in the Louth County Hospital for many years.

Alice was in the village with two of her daughters and administered CPR on the grandfather until the emergency services arrived and the man was taken to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda.

One of his daughters, Paula Keenan, posted on Facebook to find the 'amazing nurse' who came to their assistance.

'Alice came to the rescue of my dad when he suddenly collapsed. She administered CPR until the ambulance arrived. Alice you are an amazing lady. My sisters don't know what they would of done if you had not of been there. Daddy is doing well. We can't thank you enough.'

Another of his daughters, Fiona Larkin, expressed the family's gratitude to all those who came to their assistance, saying that they felt 'So very grateful blessed and over whelmed'.

'Alice I hope your having a glass of bubbly tonight, In our eyes you're a hero, today you saved our daddy. Also big shout out to paramedics and staff of Our L ady of Lourdes.'

Alice's daughter Louise said that they family were very proud of their Mum's actions while Alice said she was happy to be able to help and was delighted to learn that the man was making a good recovery.

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